1. Write your top three tasks of the day

Write down your three tasks of the day. If you have more go ahead jot them down, but be realistic.

What are the three main agendas you have that’s are so crucial for you to finish today? Find them out and start planning your day around these tasks. Remember to keep the number at three!

2. Practice the 50/10 rule

Now that we have established the main tasks that need to be completed today, let’s get started.

Work on one important task of the day for 50 minutes, then take a 10 minute break to refocus. Plan your tasks in order of priority, this way you get what should be done urgently completed and in good time.

It isn’t easy but it can be done…

3. Reflect daily

This a habit many of us forego mainly because we are probably tired by the time its evening and after a long day at work. But guess what they say, what you do after work is the most important part of your future.

Squeeze in some time for reflection, this will help you self-evaluate your day and know what works and what does not. This way, you are also able to account for your time which is again very important.

4. Focus on what makes you happy

Try as much as possible to indulge in your favourite things through the week, and each days. Let’s be fair, not everything we do is fun and interesting.

Some may not be our favourite, but the thing is they have to be done. So we have to find ways to be inspired and get stuff done when nobody else will.

Express gratitude more often than not. I have started doing a gratitude walk over the weekend, especially on Sunday evenings. During my gratitude walk, I just say out all things I am grateful for.

Later on through the week, I write down 5-10 things I am grateful for in any particular day. It really makes you happier, and gives you more motivation to get what you need done, accomplished. Try it!

5. Keep learning

This is a key factor in growing and personal development. This can be easily done through reading, browsing and brainstorming sessions.

Research online, make tutorials your best of friend. There is so much you can gain out there on Youtube. Cultivate a reading culture. As opposed to going for drinks with the same friends over again and over again, try to meet new people.

Network and form support groups. These are essential so your coffee, lunch or drink meet-ups becomes more meaningful.

Sharing knowledge and learning, keeps you inspired. This way you stay on track and motivated. Lastly …